WordPress Google Analytics Invalid Token – Problem solved

Do you have problems with Google Analytics Invalid Token?Google Analytics Invalid Token

I’ve installed the Google Analytics for WordPress (by Yoast) plugin to my blog so I can track visitor stats. But I couldn’t get it to work because it needs to authenticate with Google to track the correct profile, and every time I click the button to authenticate with Google, the Google page tells me ‘Invalid token’. Not sure, but my guess it’s due to a https issue. … more →

SynologyWordPress Host WordPress on Synology

I decided to start this blog, to use it as a “Knowledge Management Software”. Nothing could have been easier than installing the WordPress package, to host WordPress on Synology. But i ran into a small problem when I copied/moved index.php from subdirectory (wordpress) to the root directory. Every time it ended with an error 500 and I have to re-install, doesn’t take so long time with a proper backup. … more →