Host WordPress on Synology

I decided to start this blog, to use it as a “Knowledge Management Software”. Nothing could have been easier than installing the WordPress package, to host WordPress on Synology. But i ran into a small problem when I copied/moved index.php from subdirectory (wordpress) to the root directory. Every time it ended with an error 500 and I have to re-install, doesn’t take so long time with a proper backup.

The task is pretty simple, from the Settings -> General tab, WordPress address URL to the subdirectory is already there and can’t be changed (grey). What you do need to change is the Site address URL. Set this to your site’s root address (without the trailing slash). So what did go wrong? My guess was that I had WordPress plugin Move Site Files from Synology activated, it’s by default. After deactivated the plugin, the process was done in 30 sec.

Host WordPress on Synology

Next, step is to copy/move index.php file from WordPress application directory to the root directory.

Essentially, you don’t “need” this duplicate index.php file in the subdirectory because it doesn’t really do anything other than prevent people from reading the directory contents. However, if you moved the index.php file leaving the WP directory without an index.php file, then you should create a new blank index.php file and put the following code in the file:

<!--?php // Silence is golden. ?-->

So what did go wrong?
Since I don’t really move any files there is no need for a Move Site Files action and for some unknown reason the plugin lead to that things got messed up.

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