Apple Sync bookmarks across browsers, devices and OS

Sync bookmarks across browsers, devices and OSUnless you have entirely bought into the world of Apple, you actually have to put a bit of thought into your setup. Fortunately, there are great solutions to sync bookmarks across browsers. A solution that also incl. passwords, tabs, browser history, and other information. I have been using LastPass password manager for quit a long time and took the chance to start using Xmark when I saw the add about LastPass and Xmark premium bundle.

Synchronization means if you made a change in bookmarks or password on any one of browsers/devices then it appears on another browser/device too when you use the tool to sync it or even automatic depending on your settings. … more →

WordPress Google Analytics Invalid Token – Problem solved

Do you have problems with Google Analytics Invalid Token?Google Analytics Invalid Token

I’ve installed the Google Analytics for WordPress (by Yoast) plugin to my blog so I can track visitor stats. But I couldn’t get it to work because it needs to authenticate with Google to track the correct profile, and every time I click the button to authenticate with Google, the Google page tells me ‘Invalid token’. Not sure, but my guess it’s due to a https issue. … more →

SwedishWordPress WordPress Plugin SyntaxHighlighter – Tweaks

Genom att ändra i CSS för WordPress plugin SyntaxHighlighter kan följande punkter förbättras:

  1. Varannan rad med olika färger. Default är alla rader vita, vilket gör det svårt att se vilken rad som motsvarar resp. radnummer.
  2. Kantlinjer runt kodboxen som gör att det blir det lättare att se koden, speciellt när man scrollar horisentellt.
  3. En marginal under kodboxen, så att tabellen inte direkt hamnar ovanför följande text. … more →

SynologyWordPress Host WordPress on Synology

I decided to start this blog, to use it as a “Knowledge Management Software”. Nothing could have been easier than installing the WordPress package, to host WordPress on Synology. But i ran into a small problem when I copied/moved index.php from subdirectory (wordpress) to the root directory. Every time it ended with an error 500 and I have to re-install, doesn’t take so long time with a proper backup. … more →